Monday, April 29, 2013

Finally I Found Myself Inside the Head of My Enemy--The Sorcerer Gaumata

As I hoped, one night Rustem secretly left the palace compound with his family. He did not inform the king about his intentions, for he thought he could escape me. He did not want anyone to know his whereabouts, but I found him. I remember that night fondly, although there were some dire difficulties in store for me yet.  
I chuckled softly as I entered the house, my steps as light as a breeze. I felt a thrill course through me as I realized that it was all within my reach now. They were within reach. They had eluded me for so long, but now I was actually looking down at the sleeping figures. I rubbed my hands together in expectation and wanted to clap, but this would surely awaken them. Then I remembered that I was nothing but a mental being now, for I had the power to leave my body and enter another’s for a longer period. This made me smile so broadly that my cheeks hurt. Yes, I still thought I could feel that, but it was because I maintained a connection with my own body, which was surely grinning now as I grinned.
Things seemed so clear as I had made my plans yesterday, but now...It was impossible to get into Rustem’s head when he was awake, and there was no way I would try the woman. As I have said before, I have sworn off women a long time ago. I stared down at them, anxiety beginning to scratch at my mind like an insect at a window seeking the light of the house from the darkness of the night. “What if one of them wakes up?” a timid voice in my mind nagged. Now I felt my fury rise as I tried to push down my fear. Fear. How could I ever feel fear? My power was growing stronger every day. Now if I could only take care of Rustem, my nemesis.
The woman stirred slightly and I panicked. I looked behind me and saw the closed door. She moved again, her hair lit by the moonlight that entered the crack of a wall. My body was safely tucked away in a hollow of a tree far from here, but I knew she would see me anyway. The bitch had power and an uncanny vision. She would have to die.
She tossed again now, and driven by my terror, I suddenly dived into Rustem’s mind. I immediately knew I would regret my haste. Rustem gave a sudden spasm as I entered, panic-stricken and crouching silently in a corner of his mind. I dared not show myself until the time was right. I needed the man to be weakened somehow. I needed the woman to be gone. I was like a parasite now, except that I could see through Rustem’s eyes and feel with his body. I decided to wait. It wasn’t the time to take control yet.

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