Friday, January 25, 2013

Writing Seeing Crimson

So few main characters are Hispanic. They are usually the guys getting eaten by monsters--that is, expendable. Being a Puerto Rican myself, I figured it was about time for a really cool Hispanic hero. Thus Turi Sepulveda was born. Turi had a rough life growing up poor and with only one parent, but he went for his dream, which was rodeo. Finally achieving this, he realizes that someday he'll have to get a "real job." Friends encourage him to go to community college, which he does. He attacks his education like he attacks bulls, and soon he is on the top of things. After a professor urges him to apply to Harvard University, he does it on a lark. To his surprise, he is accepted. He is drunk with pride and happiness until he arrives and things begin to go sour. 
First he finds himself with an immature roommate, but it is the series of murders that finally make him wonder what the hell he was thinking coming to Boston. As the suspicion centers on him, Turi realizes just how out of place he really is. A madman is loose in Cambridge and Turi fears for his new girl, Alison. What he doesn't know is how close the killer has been all along.

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