Monday, January 14, 2013

Tony Manichino--Vampire Detective

Tony Manichino—Vampire Detective

Tony was born in Italy in the early 1920s, the son of a farming family in Sicily. The family wasn’t rich in money, but it was land rich. The family cows produced enough milk to make cheese to sustain the family and to sell. Their orchards produced a bounty of olives, their most important crop, but fruit trees also added to their wealth.
This bucolic life ended when Mafia thugs forced the family to sign over their land. Tony’s parents fled to New York City where they began to make a meager living selling fruit from a stand. The quaint farmhouse was replaced by a rat and roach infested apartment. The fields with their trees lolling with heavy fruit were replaced by the mean streets, teeming with desperate fugitives from all over the world.
This is the world Tony grows up in. It is a world that makes him angry and bitter. 
When Tony’s father follows his mother and little brother in death, Tony decides to end his miserable life. 
Seething with anger and hatred, he attracts the attention of a vampire. This vampire, Eliade, enjoys the blood of the truly grief stricken. Caught in the embrace of death, Tony fights back, summoning all the anger and hatred he has been bottling up and bites back. Thus is born a powerful vampire demon who decides to take back what is his. 

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