Sunday, October 7, 2012

Water Demons

Kitsune Tsuki—Possession
In this book, one of the many demon characters is the Kappa, a Japanese water demon. The kappa is fond of grabbing children and drowning them, but nobody can really be safe from their attacks near water. They have long hair, and bodies like a cross between a monkey and a turtle. They may be about four feet tall, but don’t weigh more than 80 pounds. Some say that they drink only blood, but others insist that they like cucumbers as well.
Kappas are profligate and thus they like to chase women, and eat them after they use them. They also torment horses, sometimes pulling out their intestines out through the anus.
 Kappas can't remain out of the water for long. They have a depression on their heads that they use to hold water. This allows them to live on land longer. In my book, the daughter of Ashiya Doman is being tricked to come closer to the water by a kappa. Her friends tell her to bow to the creature. For some reason, a kappa must return a bow, and this will make the water spill. The kappa will weaken. The girl is too entranced by the demon, and she ignores the good advice, causing her to be taken. 
Kappas have useful knowledge such a bone setting. Anyone wishing to set a bone might obtain the knowledge by bribing a kappa with an offer of cucumbers. Above is a mummy of a Kappa found in Japan in the 18th century.

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