Thursday, October 4, 2012

Onmyoji Abe no Seimei--a Japanese Magician

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The Onmyodo Magician


Onmyodo is the Japanese name for a kind of magic based on the Chinese yin/yang Daoist art used for fortune telling astrology, healing, exorcisms, providing protective amulets or papers called o-fuda, and much more. The specialists in Onmyodo are called Onmyoji or Shomenji. Abe no Seimei, c. 921-1005, was the most famous Onmyoji. He practiced his art during the Heian Period, 794-1192, in Japan, during the heyday of the imperial court. His magic was thought to be extremely powerful as he was the son of a magical fox and an onmyoji of the Abe family.
In my story, Andre Minamoto, a doctoral student, is working on his research into Japanese folklore in Japan. He comes across some people in a small village who know of the existence of an ancient by the name of Abe no Seimei. Hungry to know more, Andre ventures into a remote area to find the reclusive sage. When he finds the man, his entire belief system is shaken. He is forced to admit that he has come across something science just can’t explain. Fables claim that Abe no Seimei lived for an extraordinarily long time. Some stories claim that he still lives—but how can a man over 900 years old be alive, so young looking, and so attractive? As if this were not enough, he finds that Seimei is in the company of a host of demons, ghosts, devils, and goblins Andre thought were the stuff of myth. Thus he begins a journey into the unknown world of Japanese spirits. With Seimei as his guide, he experiences sights he never thought possible. 
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