Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pride of the Beast


 Fleeing a charge of murdering his master, Artavan, the orphan slave boy, joins his noble friend Tork, on a mission beyond the village—where it is rumored that demons and monsters roam. They soon encounter two sinister strangers who may have a link to Artavan’s unknown past. The Sorcerer Angraminyu, a powerful mage bent on killing one of the strangers, Prince Devdata, will not allow Artavan and Tork to part ways with them, not that Artavan wants to. Although he once thought that Tork was his only comfort, now he begins to see something concealed in his shifty eyes. Does Tork know something about him, which he wishes to hide? Who really is his friend? When he finds himself in the strong arms of Prince Devdata, Artavan’s heart disobeys his mind, even though grief will surely be the result.

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